By Curious About, 18. August 2010

PmWiki ist ein von Patrick Michaud entwickeltes PHP-basiertes Wiki. Einfach zu installieren, flexibel in der Handhabung und individuell anpassbar.

«PmWiki is designed to be easy to install and customize as an engine for creating professional web sites with one to any number of content authors. The software focuses on ease-of-use, so people with little IT or wiki experience will be able to put it to use. The software is also designed to be extensible and customizable. The PmWiki wiki markup shares similarities with MediaWiki (used by Wikipedia). The PmWiki markup engine is highly customizable, allowing adding, modifying or disabling markup rules, and it can support other markup languages. As an example, the Creole specifications can be enabled.[2]»


Persönlich bin ich von diesem Wiki begeistert – so basiert auch die Website von Curious About auf einem PmWiki.